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Terminal sales list in February: after three months, Hongguang MINI won the championship again, PLUS ranked in the top three for the first time

Publish Date: 2023.03.16

In February, the market of new energy passenger vehicles recovered significantly.


  According to the compulsory traffic insurance data of the Ministry of Public Security, the terminal sales of new energy passenger vehicles in February 2023 were 394440, up 35.6% month-on-month and 60.2% year-on-year. Among them, the terminal sales of pure electric vehicles were 278527, up 53.1% month-on-month. The terminal sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles were 95153, up 6% month-on-month. The terminal sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles were 20754, up 7.4% month-on-month.


  2月终端销量榜:时隔3个月宏光MINI再夺冠 元PLUS首次跻身前三


  Thanks to the sharp increase in the sales of GAC Aian AION Y, AION S, BYD Qin EV and other models in the B-end market, the terminal sales in the rental market were 39913, up 254.2% month-on-month. The terminal sales volume in the personal market was 305237 units, up 26.5% month on month, while the terminal sales volume in the unit market was 89203 units, up 79.6% month on month.


  From the brand list, in February, BYD rose 18.3% month-on-month to 139000 vehicles, still ranking the first in sales, while Tesla's terminal sales of 34000 vehicles ranked second. Compared with the wholesale sales announced by the Passenger Car Association, the difference between the terminal sales and wholesale sales is 60000 and 40000, respectively. The gap of 60000 vehicles in the former is expected to be caused by dealer inventory, while the gap of 40000 vehicles in the latter is mainly used for export.


  2月终端销量榜:时隔3个月宏光MINI再夺冠 元PLUS首次跻身前三


  Compared with the brand list in January, the ranking of traditional car companies has generally declined, while the ranking of Volkswagen, Geometry, Smart and BMW has declined. In the case of sharp price reduction, BMW's terminal sales still fell 18.9% month-on-month, and the ranking fell 5 to 13. On the contrary, Geely rose more than 355.9% month-on-month, and again ranked on the list. Geometric rose 125.5% month-on-month, ranking 4 to 15, and Roewe rose 250% month-on-month, ranking 17 again.


  In terms of new forces, the rankings of Aian, Weilai, Nezha and Tengshi have all risen, while the rankings of Ideal, Xiaopeng, Jikron and Wenjie have all declined. Among them, the sales volume of Wenjie is still bleak despite the sharp price reduction. In February, the terminal sales volume only exceeded 3165 vehicles, a 2.8% month-on-month decline, and the ranking fell four places to the 20th. If its sales volume continues to decline, it may fall to the top 20 in March.


  2月终端销量榜:时隔3个月宏光MINI再夺冠 元PLUS首次跻身前三


  Compared with the same period last year, the brand list of new energy vehicle terminal sales in February has changed greatly. The ranking of other brands has changed except BYD, which is still the top seller.


  In addition to Chang'an and Geely, the rankings of traditional car companies have declined collectively. Wuling, Volkswagen, Chery, Euler, Roewe and BMW have all declined, and even Dongfeng and Sihao have dropped from the list. Instead, two new brands, Geometric and Smart, have been listed.


  The new forces showed a strong upward trend. Tesla, Aian, Weilai and Nezha all rose, and two new brands, Tengshi and Wenjie, were listed for the first time. On the contrary, Zero-Run and Weimar fell off the list due to poor sales.


  In terms of year-on-year growth, the largest increase was seen in the year-on-year growth of 290.5% in Aian, followed by 153% in BMW, and more than doubled in Changan, BYD, Ideal and Weilai. However, Chery, Volkswagen, Euler, Roewe and Xiaopeng all showed different degrees of year-on-year decline, of which Chery dropped by more than 45%, followed by Euler by more than 36%.


  2月终端销量榜:时隔3个月宏光MINI再夺冠 元PLUS首次跻身前三


  In terms of the model list, after three months, Hongguang MINIEV once again surpassed Song PLUS DM-i to win the championship. Tesla Model Y rose 79.5% month-on-month, ranking up three places to win the second place. BYD's sales of yuan PLUS terminals exceeded 20000, ranking third, and stood on the podium for the first time.


  It is worth noting that the sales of Geely Panda Mini terminals exceeded 7000, up 736% month-on-month, and ranked 16th for the first time. The terminal sales of GAC Aian AION Y/S returned to 10000 units, with a month-on-month increase of more than 2 times, ranking among the top 10 again. Thanks to the sales price of the championship version, which was within 100000 yuan, Qin PLUS DM-i rose 177% month-on-month in February and ranked sixth.


  New force models such as Ideal L9, Weilai ET5 and Tesla Model 3 have declined to varying degrees on a month-on-month basis, with the largest decline of more than 35% on a month-on-month basis for Tesla Model 3. The main reason may be that Tesla has increased its export volume.


  Looking at the top 20 models, we can see that the overall growth of BYD models is slowing, except for the Qin PLUS model, which has doubled month-on-month.


  In February, BYD accounted for 9 models, which was one less than that in January (Seals fell out of the list). Among them, the sales of Song PLUS DM-i, the former sales leader, fell by more than 23%, while the sales of Song Pro DM-i and Han DM-i declined, while Tang DM-i rose by only 1%, and Song PLUS EV and Dolphin rose by 13% month-on-month.


  2月终端销量榜:时隔3个月宏光MINI再夺冠 元PLUS首次跻身前三


  Compared with the list of new energy models in the same period last year, the list of new energy models in February changed dramatically. Except Hongguang MINI and Tesla Model Y, which are still ranked first and second, the ranking of other models has changed.


  Among the top 20 models, GAC Aian AION Y/S grew by more than 300% year on year, followed by Dolphin by 215% year on year. Song PLUS DM-i, Qin PLUS DM-i and Tesla Model 3 all increased by more than 50% year on year.


  Chery Ant, QQ ice cream, Benz E-Star, Nezha V, Oula Haomao, YuanPro, Ideal ONE, Xiaopeng P7 and other models that were listed in the same period last year all fell out of the list, and were replaced by Chang'an LUMIN, Ideal L8, L9, Panda mini, Tengshi D9, Weilai ET5 and other models.


  2月终端销量榜:时隔3个月宏光MINI再夺冠 元PLUS首次跻身前三


  From the city ranking list in February, Tesla Model Y is the king in the first, new and second tier cities, and Hongguang MINI is the leader in the third, fourth and fifth tier cities.


  Compared with the ranking of TOP5 in the same period last year, except for Tesla Model Y, other models in first-tier cities have changed. BYD's three cars, Qin PLUS DM-i, Han EV and Tang DM-i, all fell out of the list, replaced by GAC Aian AION Y/S and Yuan PLUS.


  2月终端销量榜:时隔3个月宏光MINI再夺冠 元PLUS首次跻身前三


  Among the new first-tier cities, except for Tesla Model Y, Song PLUS DM-i and Qin PLUS DM-i, Hongguang MINI and Ideal ONE all fell out of the list, and GAC AION S and Yuan PLUS joined.


  In the second-tier cities, Tesla Model Y replaced Hongguang MINI as the king, and Qin PLUS DM-i and Ideal ONE were replaced by Yuan PLUS and Dolphin.


  In addition to Hongguang MINI still sticking to the "boss" position, the most obvious change in the third-tier, fourth-tier and fifth-tier cities is that the A00-level cars such as QQ ice cream, Chery Ant, and Benz E-Star are all replaced by BYD Dolphin, Yuan PLUS, Qin PLUS DM-i, Song PLUS DM-i and Chang'an LUMIN models.


  Write at the end


  At present, the price war in the car market triggered by Tesla's price cut at the beginning of the year is becoming increasingly fierce. According to incomplete statistics, up to now, at least 30 auto brands have joined the price war. The government, auto companies and dealers have joined forces, and various promotional policies and subsidies have been staged in turn. It is foreseeable that the entire automotive market will significantly increase month on month in March.


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