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Live Up to Expectations and Honor to End | 2023 Wenzhou International Auto Parts Exhibition Successfully Ends! Looking forward to meeting you in 2024!

Publish Date: 2023.11.10

  On October 26, 2023, the third China (Wenzhou) International Auto Parts Expo successfully concluded at the Wenzhou International Expo Center, with a perfect conclusion!


  The theme of this Wenzhou International Auto Parts Expo is "Millennium Commercial Port and Auto Parts Capital", with the goal of promoting the "generalization, lightweight, modularization, and intelligence" of our city's auto parts industry. Actively focusing on the layout of the "352" modern service industry system, actively responding to the "Ten Ones" working mechanism of Wenzhou's industrial chain, promoting the high growth model of the "sweet potato economy" industry, and assisting in the development goal of building an advanced manufacturing industry cluster of hundreds of billions of automotive parts with high standards. After three years of gestation and sedimentation, Wenzhou International Auto Parts Expo has become a globally influential exhibition, showcasing the strong strength of Wenzhou's auto parts industry.


  01. Government led successful market operation transformation


  The 2023 Wenzhou International Auto Parts Expo has a scale of 30000 square meters, 1400 booths, 15500 buyers, and a total amount of intended orders of 720 million yuan. It achieved a 30% year-on-year increase in exhibition area, a 14% increase in booths, a 10% increase in buyers, an 8% increase in revenue, and a 58% increase in total intended orders. Since its establishment in 2020, the first and second sessions of the Expo have received financial subsidies from the municipal government for early cultivation and incubation. After two rounds of policy support and careful cultivation, this year entered the pure market-oriented exhibition mode for the first time under the premise of canceling the financial subsidies for exhibitions in our city. On the basis of not reducing the invitation to buyers and promotional expenses, the organizers reduced exhibition costs and increased revenue levels through economies of scale and brand benefits, filling the gap in financial subsidies, Becoming the only government led exhibition in Wenzhou city that has successfully undergone market-oriented transformation.

  02. The Industrial Base Successfully Shapes an Exhibition Platform


  Relying on the advantages of the "Capital of Automobile and Motorcycle Parts in China", the Expo leverages the technological innovation potential of over 4000 automobile and motorcycle parts enterprises in our city, showcasing more than 5000 series varieties in 12 major categories through a "exhibition+factory" linkage. Numerous brand introductions have gathered over 1200 high-quality suppliers, including Changjiang Electronics, Ruipu Energy, BYD Battery, Ruili Group, Guansheng Group, Zhejiang Yahoo, Zhejiang Gold, Zhejiang Matsuda, Zhejiang Barton, Zhejiang Global, and Zhejiang Ameli; The exhibition groups exhibited together, with 10 regional exhibition groups including Jiangxi Yichun Parts Exhibition Group, China Sihong Automobile and Motorcycle Parts Exhibition Group, Yuhuan Parts Exhibition Group, Lishui Parts Exhibition Group, Changzhou Modified Parts Exhibition Group, and Guangdong Mini Car Parts Exhibition Group appearing together at the exhibition site.

  03. Successful connection of commerce and trade, building a supply and demand bridge


  During the preparation period of the Expo, attention was paid to preliminary visits, research, and targeted invitations to achieve the goal of "recruiting large and selecting good suppliers". Domestic after-sales market buyers accounted for 50%, foreign trade buyers accounted for 40%, and other buyers accounted for 10%. This perfectly achieved the "two-way travel" and efficient docking between buyers and exhibitors, and promoted the transformation of supply and sales models, such as BYD, Geely, and others Audi and other vehicle manufacturers, in order to reduce component costs and experience the convenience of "one-stop" purchasing, have shifted from original suppliers seeking cooperation with vehicle manufacturers to vehicle manufacturers actively seeking exhibition platforms for procurement. This Expo came from 18 countries and regions, including Germany, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, Türkiye, Mexico, Dubai, Taiwan, China, and a total of 348 international buyers came to the Expo. The Taiwan purchasing group reached an intention order of more than 80 million yuan on site, helping Wenzhou auto parts products go global. In addition, during the Expo, a Wenzhou special docking platform for Sino German automotive industry cooperation was established, and more than 30 enterprises such as Ruipu, Changjiang, Ruili, Yahoo, and Guansheng communicated and cooperated with German automotive brands, promoting the coordinated upgrading of the two regions' automotive industries.

  04. Focus on value creation and work together for win-win cooperation


  This Expo has attracted a total of 15511 professional visitors, mainly buyers from 20 provinces and 102 cities. Visitors from regions within China account for 97.78% of all exhibition statistics, while international buyers account for 2.22%


  After nearly three years of experience and excellent exhibition concepts and operational models, Wenzhou International Auto Parts Expo has gained considerable social influence. BYD Group, BMW Group, Volkswagen China, FAW Volkswagen and other complete vehicle manufacturers have achieved face-to-face integration with Wenzhou manufacturers through the exhibition platform. Jinan Xinlaotun Auto Parts City, Shanxi Auto Parts Market, Shanghai New Oriental Auto Parts City, Hangzhou Wanpin Auto Parts City, Hangzhou Jinhengde Auto Parts Market and other professional market procurement traders will participate in groups, share exhibition resources, and jointly create industrial business opportunities!

  05. Accurate and multi-dimensional promotion to promote effectiveness


  The Expo strengthens international publicity and invites overseas buyers to strengthen cooperation mechanisms through professional institutions such as the Shanghai Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce (AGBA) in Africa, and the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Nigeria, leveraging various forces to expand international influence. Organizing Committee and China Machinery Industry Federation National Industry Association (Commerce); Provincial industry associations such as the Zhejiang Automobile Industry Association and the Zhejiang Automobile and Motorcycle Parts Industry Chamber of Commerce; Suqian Automobile and Parts Industry Association, Lishui Automobile Parts Industry Association, Yuhuan Automobile and Motorcycle Parts Industry Association, and other prefecture level industry associations (commercial associations); More than 20 industry media institutions such as Auto Parts Circle and Gaishi Automobile have reached strategic cooperation relationships to promote win-win project cooperation. At the same time, the on-site promotion model of key cities was adopted, and breakthroughs were made one by one. Special promotion conferences were held in key cities such as Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Xi'an, and Lishui, attracting 1200 enterprises to participate and 150 media reports on site, accelerating the high-quality development of the Expo.

  06. Expansion and upgrading, focusing on the new energy track


  Since its establishment in 2020, the "China (Wenzhou) International Auto Parts Expo" has continuously expanded in scale. After three years of brewing and sedimentation, the exhibition area has increased by nearly 2.5 times, from the initial 15000 square meters to 30000 square meters, with six major exhibition halls. Ruian City actively responds to the national new energy strategy and intelligent manufacturing development strategy, and through county and city collaboration, sets up the "Ruian New Energy Intelligent Connected Automotive Parts Exhibition" section in the new energy sector to adapt to market development trends and assist industry development.


  The new energy exhibition area mainly showcases new energy intelligent connected vehicle components, including electric vehicle motors, battery management systems, charging infrastructure, intelligent driving assistance systems, vehicle networking technology, and other products. These products and technologies represent the future development direction of the automotive industry, and are also actively responding to the national new energy strategy and intelligent manufacturing development strategy at Wenzhou International Auto Parts Exhibition. They are of great significance for promoting the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry.

  Voice from exhibitors


  Xu Benguang, Chief Operating Officer of Xinruili Auto Parts Chain


  Xinruili has been participating in the first Wenzhou Auto Parts Exhibition, and we have also exhibited a series of cutting-edge new energy products for this new energy sector. This year's exhibition is larger and more distinctive than before. Compared to last year, it is evident that there have been more buyers and foreign traders from other places, indicating that they are very optimistic about the exhibition in Wenzhou. They hope that more people can see Wenzhou and take a look at its customs and traditions!


  Zhejiang Yahoo Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. Chairman Assistant Sales Vice President Chi Ailong


  Thank you very much for the Wenzhou Auto Parts Exhibition platform, which has provided us with such a face-to-face opportunity to understand the needs of professional buyers from all over the world. This exhibition has attracted a lot of foreign investors, which has laid a certain foundation for our company's future export trade. I hope the Wenzhou Auto Parts Exhibition can get better and better!


  Qiu Dongming, Domestic Sales Manager of Zhejiang Mingtai Automotive Parts Co., Ltd


  Through the Wenzhou International Auto Parts Exhibition, we have gained customers and distributors from all over the country, while also maintaining our customers in various provinces through this exhibition. Most importantly, it is of great significance for our company's market expansion. May the Wenzhou exhibition continue to thrive and attract more and more visitors!


  Lv Zhiyong, Director of the Engine Supporting Department of Zhejiang Global Filter Co., Ltd


  The Wenzhou Auto Parts Exhibition highlights the advantages and strength of our private enterprises in Zhejiang. The popularity of this exhibition is very strong, and the buyers are also quite professional. Through this exhibition, we have seen the future and development of the Wenzhou Auto Parts industry, which has played a significant role in our understanding of Wenzhou Auto Parts. It is truly a worthwhile trip and has gained a lot.


  The end of the grand event is also the starting point for the future of the industry


  2024 China (Wenzhou) International Auto Parts Expo


  Looking forward to reuniting with you again!


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