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Shock! 5000+ big coffee buyers gathered in Wenzhou Expo!

Publish Date: 2020.09.02

September 25-27

    In order to fully implement the municipal party committee’s strategic deployment of cultivating and developing modern industrial clusters, actively respond to Wenzhou’s traditional manufacturing remodeling plan, accelerate the cultivation of Wenzhou’s modern industrial system, and promote the professional, high-end, intelligent, and international development of the auto and motorcycle parts industry Progress 2020 China (Wenzhou) Auto and Motorcycle Parts Industry Expo will be held in Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 25th to 27th.

    The 2020 China (Wenzhou) Auto and Motorcycle Parts Industry Expo is co-organized by China Machinery Industry Federation, China Automotive Aftermarket Association, Wenzhou Economic and Information Technology Bureau, and Wenzhou Modern Service Industry Development Group Co., Ltd., with huge investment. Buyers can choose multiple routes arranged by the organizing committee to go to the factory, visit the production workshop, understand the management process, and inspect the strength of the supplier.

    Authoritative experts in the auto and motorcycle parts industry make research reports on the market conditions of China's auto and motorcycle parts industry, discuss product development, technological innovation, and investment in the auto and motorcycle parts industry, and explore the city’s transformation from "auto parts big city" to "auto parts strong city "Development ideas; The matchmaking meeting for vehicle and parts companies is based on the theme of "integrated and coordinated innovation and development". It is initiated by several vehicle companies and invites key parts and components manufacturers to promote the integration of the automotive industry through product docking and technical exchanges. Zero collaborative innovation development.

    This expo uses a combination of online live broadcasting and offline exhibitions, and the integration of digital exhibitions and physical exhibitions. An offline live broadcast room of the auto parts exhibition is opened, and some exhibitors and purchasers are invited to share and release new products live. At the same time, an online signing meeting will be held online to complete the “cloud signing” online.

    At the grand opening venue, it is reported that well-known large-scale procurement groups participated in the expo. Especially the purchasing group from Guangzhou attaches great importance to this exhibition, and will charter a plane specially for this purpose.

Many industry giants all expand the scale of exhibitors

More world-renowned brands unveiled

     The Wenzhou Auto and Motorcycle Parts Industry Expo was jointly organized by multiple departments and spent huge sums of money to be held in accordance with the specifications of the international trade fair. Enterprises in Wenzhou region enjoy 50% subsidies from the Bureau of Economic and Information Technology (also standard subsidies for international trade fairs). At this stage, professional audience registration is in full swing, and overseas professional audience invitations are also in progress!

    As of July 10th, nearly 5,000 buyers have signed up to visit the Wenzhou Auto and Motor Parts Expo!

Limited development? Break through and meet obstacles? Inventory accumulation but suffer from lack of customers?

The window of auto and motorcycle parts helps Wenzhou auto and motorcycle parts industry expo to promote high-efficiency and high-quality, quick matching!

Let exhibitors and buyers not need this trip!

  Well-known big brand buyers list

List of domestic buyers and other overseas buyers


Window of Auto and Motorcycle Parts will work closely with many industry associations at home and abroad to provide exhibitors with effective publicity services and create a more comprehensive and professional information exchange platform for the majority of industry insiders.

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