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Lexus first entered the field of autonomous driving and cooperated with TED Fellows

Publish Date: 2020.11.02

    A few days ago, Leap Motor announced its October sales data of 1,743 units, an increase of 66% from the previous month. Its main sales model, the zero running T03, has shown a rapid increase in sales since its launch in May. The monthly sales volume in October was 1,681 units, which was the first time that the sales volume exceeded 1,000 in a single month. The cumulative sales volume has been 5358 units since its launch.


    Leaper T03 is an A00-class high-equipped small car launched by Leaper this year. With higher endurance, power performance, and intelligent configuration than the same level, it matches the needs of consumers in market segments for high-end, boutique and intelligent products. In terms of battery life, NEDC is equipped with a high-performance lithium battery from the Ningde era, and NEDC reaches 403KM ahead of the same level; using a rare intelligent liquid thermal management system of the same level, it only takes 36 minutes to charge the fast charge mode from 30% to 80%. Leapon T03 is equipped with a 10.1-inch floating LCD central control screen and Leap On smart car system. It has the entire vehicle OTA function, bringing users a driving experience far exceeding that of the same class. With the product strength of "leapfrog configuration", T03 is becoming the best choice for smart pure electric car users.


    As a technology-based enterprise, Zero Run has always insisted on using technology to promote product optimization. On October 27, Leapfrog officially released the first domestic automotive-grade AI intelligent driving chip with completely independent intellectual property rights-"Lingxin 01". This means that from hardware to chip, Zero Run has completed the industrial layout of intelligent driving solutions with independent intellectual property rights, and is at the forefront of domestic auto companies in terms of technological independence and innovative applications.


    The Lingxin 01 chip will be equipped with the first pure electric high-end SUV model of the zero run-the C11. As the first model of the pure electric modular C architecture of the zero running car, the C11 adopts a front double wishbone and rear five-link independent suspension system comparable to luxury models, with a wheelbase of 2923mm and a cruising range of more than 600 kilometers. At the same time, the C11 is equipped with Leap Pilot has 22 intelligent driving assistance, which is at the leading level in its class. It is reported that C11 will be officially released during the Guangzhou Auto Show this year.


    By continuously enriching the product layout and providing consumers with more intelligent and high-quality products, Zero Run will effectively broaden its own consumer market and increase its market share. As the Leaper S01 and T03 that have been put on the market continue to gain good reputation from consumers, and highly intelligent models such as the Leaper C11 have been launched one after another, Leaper is steadily moving towards the goal of a new energy leader.


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