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Shanghai Frankfurt auto Parts exhibition held hot! The hottest spot is...

Publish Date: 2020.12.04


                               hanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Show

                          December 2 solstice December 5 for 4 days

The 2020 Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition was successfully held

                                 Shanghai Frankfurt auto Show is

                      The world's largest auto parts brand exhibition.

Exhibits include:

Driving system, car interior and exterior decoration, gas station equipment

Charging and refueling technology system, etc.

              The total exhibition area this year is 280,000 square meters

           It attracted about 3900 exhibitors from the whole industry chain

           Focus on the theme of "Building the future Automotive Ecosystem"

         To show the whole world

         Innovative products and technologies in the automotive industry ecosystem.

                                        2020 is a special year

                                        Black Swan outbreak

                   This poses a major challenge to the auto industry.

                In the domestic and foreign auto parts market supply and demand imbalance

               This auto parts show for the global buyers to build a platform for business communication

        We will promote effective complementarity between supply and demand.

                       As one of the few held on schedule this year

                       One of the major auto industry exhibitions

                Shanghai Frankfurt auto show for many enterprises to provide

                  An opportunity to build a brand image.

               Through physical exhibitions and online display platforms

        Exhibitors can use this opportunity to increase the brand's market exposure

        Enhance brand image and popularity

       And through the exhibition platform to release new products, new services

       Promote cutting-edge technologies to a wider target audience.

            Many well-known overseas brands participated in Shanghai Frankfurt auto Parts exhibition for the first time

           ncluding Arnott Air Suspension (The Netherlands)

                                  BMW Spring (Switzerland)

                                           Cartender Japan

                        FR Team International (Luxembourg), etc.

                       Well-known domestic brands also appear in the same scene

                      Among them changan Ford, Dongfeng Industry, Beiqi Foton and so on

                      A leading component manufacturer in the industry

                     Commercial vehicle after-sales service chain brand - new Ruili auto parts chain

                                       And the biggest in the country

                                  Meridian tire export brands such as Wanli

                        The most popular booth: auto match window

                                 In front of so many famous brands

                              Auto match window charm is not lost.

A little observation will reveal it

                      The most popular booth is "The window of automobile &                                    Motorcycle Accessories".

                        A great number of people flocked to the place

                    Download the "Auto Motorcycle matching Window" app.

                                 The staff at the booth were very busy.

                                   You didn't make it to the exhibition

                                             And don't be sorry.

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                                             Go ahead and try!


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