Beijing Hyundai reveals its product plan for this year and will launch 4 blockbuster models

publish_time: 2021.01.11

    Beijing Hyundai will sell 502,000 new cars in 2020. After the epidemic has stabilized, sales have achieved a positive month-on-month growth for several consecutive months. It is reported that Beijing Hyundai will launch a new generation of famous pictures in 2021.

    Beijing Hyundai regards 2021 as the "year of opportunity". The products launched this year will strengthen the product layout of D+S+N (mid-to-high-end vehicles + SUV + new energy) and increase the sales proportion of strategic models.


    It is reported that Beijing Hyundai will launch a new generation of famous maps this year, which is expected to be launched in March. In addition to having a fuel car version, the car will also launch a pure electric version at the same time. The fifth-generation Tucson L built on the i-GMP platform will be launched in the second quarter. In addition, Beijing Hyundai’s first MPV product and the first new car built on the exclusive E-GMP platform for electrification will also be introduced to the market.


    Based on its judgment on market trends, Beijing Hyundai has increased the proportion of sales of D+S (mid-to-high-end vehicles + SUV) models, reduced investment in products below 100,000 yuan, and gradually promoted product and brand image upgrades through the adjustment of sales structure.

    In 2020, Beijing Hyundai released the HSMART+ strategy. In the future, Beijing Hyundai will also move forward steadily under the guidance of the HSMART+ strategy. “In the future, Beijing Hyundai will continue to focus on the three major technical fields of environmentally friendly travel, connected travel and free travel, and open up Beijing Hyundai. A new chapter in the second development." said Fan Jingtao, deputy general manager of Beijing Hyundai.


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