Hyundai IONIQ 5's latest preview information may be delivered at the end of June

publish_time: 2021.01.12

    A few days ago, Hyundai Motor released the latest teaser video of IONIQ 5. It is reported that the First Edition version of IONIQ 5 will be open for reservations overseas before January 31, 2021, and delivery will begin at the end of June 2021. In addition, there is also news that IONIQ 5 may enter the Korean market first, and its price may be 45,000 US dollars (about 291,300 yuan).

现代汽车,IONIQ 5

    IONIQ 5 is an independent pure electric brand owned by Hyundai. Before this, the brand also announced the Chinese name Aini Krypton. According to the plan, the IONIQ brand will launch three pure electric models in the next three years. IONIQ 5 is based on the Hyundai 45 concept car and is the first model under the Hyundai E-GMP platform. The body length, width and height of the car are 4640/1890/1600mm respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 3000mm.

现代汽车,IONIQ 5

现代汽车,IONIQ 5

    In terms of endurance, Hyundai IONIQ 5 will be equipped with SK innovation brand power batteries. The battery capacity is 58kWh and 73kWh, and the cruising range is 354km and 450km respectively (test conditions have not been announced). In terms of power, the WLTP model with a battery life of 450km will be equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 230kW (313Ps), and adopts all-wheel drive, with an acceleration time of 0-100km/h or only 5.2s. In terms of charging, according to foreign media reports, the car supports up to 11kW of AC slow charging, and is compatible with a 350kW super charging pile. It only takes 15 minutes to charge the battery from 20% to 80%.


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