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Tesla, who sells like crazy, has been unwilling to participate in the auto show

Publish Date: 2022.09.17

In the past August, Tesla, who was absent from the Chengdu Auto Show but attended the service trade fair, handed over an amazing sales figure.

According to the data released by the Passenger Transport Association on September 8, Tesla delivered 76965 vehicles in August, up 173% month on month. At the same time, Model Y set a monthly delivery record of 62169 vehicles, with a month on month growth of 295% and a year-on-year growth of 261%. This sales volume exceeded the hot selling fuel vehicles and ranked first in the overall passenger vehicle sales in August.


Image source: Tesla

"Model Y is expected to become the best selling car in the world." Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, once predicted this.

At the same time, Tesla charging pile layout is also further improved. On September 9, Tesla announced that it had built the 9000th super charging pile in China and landed in Yiyang, Hunan Province.

In the automotive industry, Tesla is a very different existence: there is no dealer, no new car launch, almost no advertising and marketing expenditure, and even the auto show that major auto enterprises are keen on, Tesla is also lack of interest.

"Tesla does not classify itself as a car company." As for Tesla's completely different behavior style from that of other auto companies, the relevant person in charge of Tesla explained it to China Newsweek.

But surprisingly, Tesla, the "unorthodox car company", has set new records in sales. With the lowest marketing cost, it has harvested the largest market, which makes other automobile enterprises far behind.

Tesla's "independence", why on earth?

Refused the car show, didn't delay selling the car

Tesla was absent again at the Chengdu Auto Show held recently.

Although the Chengdu Auto Show in 2022 was affected by force majeure and the effect was not as expected, the major manufacturers were also full of expectations before the exhibition.

The reason is that due to the epidemic situation and other factors, the pressure on the car market has been relatively high in the past two years. Against the background of repeated postponement of Beijing Auto Show this year, Chengdu Auto Show became the first Class A auto show in the year. At the end of August, the deadline of "Golden Nine Silver Ten" established the guidance of "selling cars". Consumers have a demand for cars, and manufacturers are willing to give preferential prices. Taking 2021 as an example, the total sales volume during the Chengdu Auto Show is about 37700 vehicles, reaching 6.516 billion yuan.

In that case, wouldn't Tesla miss a good opportunity to sell cars if he didn't attend the Chengdu Auto Show?

Car enterprises generally have two purposes for participating in auto exhibitions. One is to hold a press conference to release new cars or new strategies; The other is to harvest the market.

As for Tesla, which has a lot of people, there is no need for either.

In 2021, women who protect their rights will let Tesla, which has the least cars and stands, fall into a storm of public opinion. Since then, Tesla has hardly participated in the auto show.

"It doesn't matter whether Tesla will participate in the auto show or not. We all place orders online." Tesla Model Y Chengdu riders told China Newsweek. Data shows that Chengdu has always been on the list of cities with the best sales volume of Tesla, in addition to Beijing and Shanghai. In April this year, Tesla China ranked first in the sales volume of Chengdu auto manufacturers.

In fact, the launch mode of Tesla's main model Model Y is indeed very low-key - just publishing prices and ordering links on its official website, and the time for media to get information is not even as timely as that of netizens who care about Tesla's dynamics. But this does not affect its big sale.

From January to August this year, Tesla Shanghai Super Factory reached 399939 delivery results, which is only 80000 vehicles behind the annual delivery of 484130 vehicles in 2021, including nearly 160000 exports and more than 240000 domestic deliveries.

The soaring sales volume has made Tesla more profitable. According to Tesla's financial report, based on GAAP net profit, Tesla earned a total of 5.578 billion dollars in the first half of the year, equivalent to about 37.66 billion yuan, equivalent to 200 million yuan a day.


Tesla Shanghai Super Factory (picture source: Tesla)

Recently, the expansion of Tesla's Shanghai Super Factory has been completed, with the annual capacity increased to 750000 vehicles, which can provide about 20000 vehicles per week. Thanks to the huge production capacity, the delivery time of Tesla models has been greatly shortened.

At present, Tesla's localization rate has reached more than 95%. It has cultivated a "safe, self-help and controllable" industrial ecology covering the whole industry of new energy vehicles such as body, car chip, auto drive system and new materials, and has driven cluster effects such as Lingang New Area and Tesla's "4-hour circle of friends" in the Yangtze River Delta.

On September 7, information on Tesla's website in China showed that the expected delivery time of the entry-level rear wheel drive model 3 and dual motor all wheel drive model 3 performance version had been adjusted to 6-10 weeks, which was 6 weeks shorter than the previous 12-16 weeks.

This means that Tesla entered into an accelerated delivery period in the second half of the year, which will drive its annual sales to further soar.

What are Tesla's cards for energy and technology?

The first Class A auto show in 2022 failed to attract Tesla's participation, but Tesla did not stay idle and turned to participate in the 2022 China International Trade in Services Fair (hereinafter referred to as "the Fair") held in Beijing. Prior to this, Tesla has also participated in the China Mobile Expo, China Mobile Expo and other exhibitions.


Image source: Tesla

"Tesla is positioned as a technology company and an integrated energy company." The relevant person in charge of Tesla said to China Newsweek that Tesla focused on the optical storage charging integrated charging station at this service trade fair.


Tesla Optical Storage Charging Integrated Charging Station (picture source: Tesla)

Tesla optical storage and charging integrated charging station has been put into use in Lhasa and Shanghai. It will also convert sunlight into electric energy, store energy through Powerwall energy storage equipment, and then use the stored energy to charge vehicles, improving energy efficiency. The solar charging panel, Powerwall energy storage battery and charging facilities form a micro grid, and when the load and optical storage configuration are balanced, they jointly complete the sustainable utilization of sunlight, a clean energy.

Tesla believes that solar energy, as the cleanest and most sustainable natural energy, will fundamentally realize the dream of sustainable energy utilization once it replaces traditional fossil fuels.


The humanoid robot announced by Tesla earlier (picture source: Tesla)

Tesla's other card is AI.

During the 2021 Tesla AI Day, Tesla introduced the D1 chip, which is designed for the Dojo supercomputer. It was also on this day that Tesla humanoid robot appeared, attracting high attention in the industry.

Vanarama, a car rental company, has done a new study - analyzing the processing power of Tesla's microchip to predict how many years it will take to reach the same level as the human brain.

This research first studied the processing capacity of Tesla's "artificial intelligence brain", and then compared its data with its previous generation products and human brain. Some of the major findings include: Tesla's chip performance is growing at a rate of 486% per year, which will surpass the human brain in 11 years (2033) (the number of operations per second is 10 billion). Tesla D1 chips are 30 times more powerful than the chips they used six years ago.

On September 30 this year, Tesla will welcome AI Day again. At that time, the black and white color contrast robot Optimus will step out of the PPT and become the focus, truly facing various technical and even aesthetic scrutiny.

Loop Funds, a venture capital fund in Silicon Valley, said the event would show that the manufacturer has been and will continue to be ahead of its competitors for several years. Musk said that the main goal of the company will be to attract talents through this activity, in which the progress and long-term vision of AI theme will be displayed.

Will this be Tesla's next king?


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