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Newly added frosted grey Geely Star L Hi · P will be listed on November 25

Publish Date: 2022.11.22

Recently, Geely Automobile officially revealed that its new car Star Yue L Hi · P will be launched on November 25. In addition, the new car also added a new LOMOGrey frosted gray body color.

It is worth noting that the sales price of the flagship version of Star Yue L Hi ・ P extended range electric will be 253700 yuan after comprehensive subsidies, and will remain unchanged after the listing. It is expected to start delivery to large subscribers on December 10.

新增磨砂灰色 吉利星越L Hi·P将于11月25日上市

On October 25, Xingyue L Hi · P officially opened its pre-sale, and users can pay 99 yuan of interest through the Geely Auto applet. On November 7, Xingyue L Hi · P opened a time limited and quantity limited large order, with a limit of 3000, and the deposit expanded five times (the deposit of 3000 yuan was 15000 yuan), and it ended at 24 o'clock on November 13.

新增磨砂灰色 吉利星越L Hi·P将于11月25日上市

In terms of appearance, the Xingyue L Hi · P has not changed much compared with the current Xingyue L Raytheon Hi · X version, and only fine tuned the style of the front fog lamp to improve vehicle recognition. The new car still has a length, width and height of 4770/1895/1689mm, and a wheelbase of 2845mm.

The interior of the front grille adopts dot matrix design, and light sources are added on both sides. In addition, the front LOGO can also be lit, and the front bumper is redesigned. The rear of the car is still designed as a fuel vehicle, and the through tail lamp is still used. The newly designed bumper is more in line with the characteristics of new energy vehicles.

The most eye-catching part of the new car interior is the through multimedia touch screen of the center console, which extends from the center control area to the front of the co driver, and can display many driving information and multimedia entertainment functions.

新增磨砂灰色 吉利星越L Hi·P将于11月25日上市

In terms of power, the previous declaration information shows that the Geely Star Yue L plug-in version is equipped with a plug-in system consisting of a 1.5T engine (maximum power 150kW)+motor. At the same time, the new car will be equipped with 41.2kWh CTP flat battery as standard, and the pure electric range under WLTC condition is 207.5km. In addition, Xingyue L Hi · P is equipped with a unique "double motor series locking" as standard, and users can choose to travel completely "extended range electric". The "range extender" with thermal efficiency up to 43.32% makes the range extended electric mileage up to 1250km. Xingyue L Hi · P is equipped with three gear "variable-frequency electric drive DHT Pro" as standard. Through Raytheon intelligent energy management technology, it realizes full speed domain parallel connection and electric drive three gear speed change. The electric hybrid integrated endurance can reach up to 1300km.


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