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The top class of China's automobile market, we should say goodbye to joint ventures

Publish Date: 2023.01.03

In the era of traditional automobiles, joint venture brands are strong in the market, while China's independent brands are relatively weak. However, with the wave of electrification and intellectualization of automobiles sweeping in, self owned brand automobiles have ushered in opportunities under new changes, and the market performance has been stronger than that of joint ventures.

In November, the retail sales volume of the domestic narrow passenger car market reached 1.648 million units, and the cumulative sales volume from January to November reached 18.366 million units, a year-on-year increase of 1.8%, while the independent brands BYD and Geely pushed ahead of North and South Volkswagen, taking the top two positions, and the joint venture was behind.


In particular, the performance of Geely is more noteworthy. In November, Geely ranked the second in the industry with 145000 sales, up about 7% year on year. Compared with the best-selling BYD new energy series, Geely's various brands and product series, including fuel, hybrid, new energy and other models of Linker, Gerkrypton, Geometry and other brands, have borne fruit in an all-round way, and the steady progress of Geely has been achieved through multi cohesion.

Let's take a look at the overall sales composition of Geely in November. In November, the monthly sales volume of LinkedIn brand was 18160, with a month on month growth of more than 10%. This year, it has achieved a month on month growth for seven consecutive months. At the same time, since the establishment of LinkedIn, the cumulative sales volume has officially exceeded 800000 vehicles.


From 0 to 800000 cars, LinkedIn has become the fastest Chinese high-end car brand to break through 800000 cars in less than five years.

To some extent, LinkedIn's 800000 cars are a good flag, which provides learning objects for the high-end and global development of self owned brand cars.

As the sales cornerstone of the Group, the sales volume of Geely brand (including geometry) in November was 108544, and the cumulative sales volume from January to November exceeded one million.

Among them, the sales volume of several heavy products, such as the high-end series of China Star, is also particularly noteworthy. For example, the Xingyue L Hi · P Raytheon extended range electric SUV just launched in November.


The Xingyue L Hi · P Raytheon Extended Range Electric SUV can be regarded as a new effort for the electrification development of Geely brand. It can realize three electric modes of "pure electric, hybrid electric and extended range electric", which can be described as "all inclusive". Its pure electric range is 205km (WLTC), pure electric drive extended range is 1250km (WLTC), and extreme speed is over 220km/h. It is a subversion to the traditional hybrid products in the market.

The entire China Star high-end series sold 25899 vehicles in November this year, and the cumulative sales volume officially exceeded 500000, which has successfully proved its strength in the market.

It can be said that thanks to the technological empowerment of Geely in the 4.0 era, Geely's products are now fully bearing fruit on different fronts.

For example, the new strategic flagship model of Geely, Boyue L, also achieved a sales volume of more than 10000 in November. However, Boyue L has just come into the market since October 26, and its cumulative sales volume has exceeded 18000 vehicles, achieving hot sales immediately after it comes into the market.

Meanwhile, Boyue L and Xingyue L, as the double swordsmen competing for the A-class SUV market, also accelerated the comprehensive popularization of high-value products in the Geely 4.0 era.


In the field of pure electricity, the sales volume of fashionable Volkswagen pure electricity series geometry in November was 13839, with a month on month growth of more than 10%. From January to November, the cumulative geometric sales volume reached 130,661, a sharp increase of 186% year on year.

Jikrypton, a high-end pure electric brand, delivered 11011 vehicles in November, an increase of nearly 9% month on month and over 447% year on year.

Since the start of delivery in October last year, the cumulative delivery of Krypton 001 has reached 66611 vehicles. Up to now, Krypton has hit a new high in monthly delivery for five consecutive months, with the average order amount exceeding 336000 yuan.


The second model of Krypton, the pure electric luxury MPV Krypton 009, has also been officially released and will be officially delivered in January next year.

In addition, the customized model developed by Krypton for Waymo, a world-famous driverless technology company, has officially appeared in the United States. This car is based on ZEEKR M-Vision concept car and will be put into commercial operation in the United States. ZEEKR M-Vision concept car is based on the vast - M (SEA-M) architecture and will meet the requirements for mass production in 2024.

The Haohan-M architecture is the exclusive architecture created by Krypton for future intelligent travel. It is also the world's first pure electric architecture specially developed for driverless mobile travel. It can access L4 level and above intelligent driving systems, and is compatible with a variety of driverless technology solutions.


In terms of power replacement technology, Geely also owns Ruilan cars, with sales volume of 7355 cars in November, a month on month growth of more than 26%. At the beginning of November, Ruilan 9, a new product of Ruilan Automobile, opened its global pre-sale. Its core highlight is "rechargeable and replaceable". It is equipped with rechargeable and replaceable capsule batteries, and its range can cover 300-700 kilometers.

Overall, in the first November of this year, the total sales volume of Geely New Energy (including Hybrid) reached 284000, ranking the fourth in the industry. In the first November of this year, the penetration rate of new energy reached 22.08%, nearly three times that of last year (7.5%). In August and September this year, Geely's monthly new energy penetration rate has exceeded 30%.


At the same time, Geely's globalization journey is also accelerating. In November, the Group's export sales reached 18633 vehicles, up about 43% year on year. New energy products accelerated to go to sea. For example, the market share of the pure electric vehicle geometric C in the Israeli EV market reached 24.3%, ranking first in the local market.

Looking back at Geely's current overall sales performance, there are three key words: new energy, high value and the whole brand sequence.

Whether it is Geely brand, LinkedIn brand, Geometric Pure Electric brand and the new Ruilan brand, many brands and product sequences under Geely have achieved a full bloom, which is quite a trend of attack.

At the same time, the high-value products that bring together Geely's car building technology in the 4.0 era, namely the China Star series models, also continue to sell well. The speed of new energy, such as the rapid development of high-end pure electrode krypton brand, also makes Geely's transformation on the new energy track have leading significance for the industry.


From the perspective of market sales feedback, Geely has demonstrated its profound development and forward-looking layout in electrification and new energy technologies as a giant, which is also the best performance of the "strongest system force" of Geely's comprehensive electrification in the 4.0 era. China's top auto market may be about to bid farewell to the joint venture.


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